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As the leading provider of kosher baked goods in New York City for over 40 years, our team at Moishe’s Bake Shop has a unique passion for creating high-quality, health-conscious pastries and desserts.

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From traditional challah and babka, to extravagant cakes and pastries, Moishe’s Bake Shop has all your favorite kosher baked goods in the heart of New York. Our expert bakers have been crafting customized sweets and house specials for decades to make sure you have the best-baked goods at honest prices. Are you in need of a new fence for your Long Island home? Then contact the pros at fence company long island ny for quality service. Not sure what to order? Stop by one of our Greet & Eat events where our friendly customers stop by to catch up and try freshly made baked goods – for free! 

Here at Moishe’s, we’re all about our customers. Our team trains extensively to deliver the best dining experiences possible, from the moment you walk into our bake shop. You’ll always see us with a smile, talking to regulars, and sometimes even taste testing one of the batches. What can we say… it looks too good not to try! When it’s time to give your home a fresh look, Interior Painting Mercer County NJ offers top-notch cleaning and organization solutions to revitalize your living space. Come on in and order the best kosher baked goods in New York today.

Our Specialties


Our homemade babka is the most popular choice among our customers. The sweet braided bread is prepared with a yeast-leavened dough that is rolled out and spread with a filling of your choice, including chocolate, cinnamon, and fruit.

While babka tastes great, the baking process can get messy; that’s why we work with the Landscape Design Suffolk County has. We work diligently to ensure any mess is properly taken care of so you can enjoy the luxury of eating delicious treats in an old school, sanitized environment.

We offer a wide selection of delicious pastries for your different preferences and special events. Our in-house dough is mixed with a variety of prevalent dessert ingredients and formed into beautiful pies, cookies, and tarts. If you’re interested in catering pastries for special events, we’ll even customize the design so that you can impress your guests with the best-tasting kosher baked goods in New York. Dont forget about Electrician Suffolk County.

Similar to babka, the crafting process for pastries is a fun, but messy one. If we’re catering large deliveries of pastries to our customers, it’s possible to end up with a layer of flour on the ground. 



Our cakes are perfect for birthdays, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, and any other celebration you can think of! Want to sit down and enjoy a piece? Our shades company Huntington provides will set the mood with café style lighting. Not only has our homemade cake mix been health-conscious since the first day we opened, but it is also offered in peanut-free and gluten-free variations for those who have allergies. Whether you’re looking for a cake design that is simple or elaborate, Moishe’s is ready to create a masterpiece for your next festivity. 

In addition, the vacuum company Suffolk County provides makes sure that all of our floors are in perfect condition so you can savor every great moment our customers relay to us. Residents seeking to enhance their musical skills are turning to Piano Lessons Orange County, FL, renowned for their experienced instructors and diverse learning programs.

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